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‘There’s nothing like motorsport to bring everyone together’

Posted on Thu 7th Jul, 2022 in: General News

As the first Ginetta GTA round of the season kicked back off in May ex Want2race rookie, Ed Acres, found time out of his busy schedule to sit down and talk with me about how his racing journey has gone from strength to strength in his short time behind the wheel.

Of course, we couldn’t start the interview without getting some footage for his successful YouTube channel ‘Because I Love Cars’ or ‘BILC’. Armed with girlfriend Rachael behind the camera and merchandise plastered on tops and hats Ed and I got into the nitty gritty of his newly found racing career.

Growing up watching Formula 1 and rallycross, racing was something Ed could only dream off until he was financially in the position to be able to make racing his reality. After following both the British Touring Car Championship and with friends in the British GT it was almost inevitable for Ed to jump on the bandwagon.

Ed explained that a friend recommended Ginetta to him to kick start his entry level racing back in 2017 and a year later found himself testing the G40 car at Donignton Park “which was absolutely awesome”. Thinking practically Ed made the difficult decision to hold off racing for a couple more years to reinvest money and grow his businesses. He soon found himself in the position to be readily available to sign up the GRDC programme, however before signing on the dotted line he got wind of the new Ginetta car in production, the GT Academy.  Ed made the decision not to commit and wait to test the car in August 2020, good things come to those who wait…

Ed was the first ever rookie to sign up to the want2race team, with the belief everyone on the grid were the likes of business directors, entrepreneurs and so on with the ‘give it a go’ attitude. Something which he later found out wasn’t the case and he would be on the grid with the likes of seasoned gentlemen/woman racers. Ed didn’t let this realisation unsettle him and he went out in his first race at Brands Hatch with nothing to lose. That was the race that changed everything for him.

Measuring himself up against his 6 fellow rookies and the rest of the grid it gave him the confidence to believe that, ‘not only am I doing quite well against rookies who are sort of my experience level I was doing better than some of the people that had been racing for years’. A single make championship, as the GT Academy is, offers a level playing field for all drivers allowing them to see how you really match up against your competitors.

Ginetta ensures all drivers the opportunity to brush up in the pre-season with the driver development programme, something Ed took great advantage of with driver coach Charlie Robertson, making the jump from road car to race car that bit easier.

He went on to explain his experience running alongside 6 other rookie contenders and the comradery they had between them all made it feel like ‘we had a racing family together at the weekend.’ The class of 2021 continue to chat on weekly basis on a Whatsapp group as well as a good handful on the GTA grid this year, the friendship between them all still remains to this day. ‘It made my racing easier because I was able to bring Racheal and my mum along and they could join me in the journey’. Ed sang want2race’s praises when it came to making racing a collaborative and family focused experience with welcoming hospitality.

Ed explains he focused largely on race craft in his rookie season and secured several podiums in his class. Want2race are keen on making sure each rookie driver has the same set up, stipulated by us so the driver wholly focuses on themselves and their performance.

Looking forward into the future Ed has his eyes on finishing in the top 3 in the GT Academy Championship with the hopes of competing in Ginetta’s SuperCup Championship in the not-too-distant future.

Before I had to let Ed go and prepare for Saturday qualifying, I asked him why and how YouTube had become such big part of his life, ‘What I thought would be beneficial to other rookie racing drivers was to create content’. He explained how surprised he was about the lack of relatable content readily available on the internet as he entered his rookie season and saw an opportunity to create uncensored footage for a wider market. Ed now focuses on creating specific videos for specific scenarios from an educational angle as he progresses in his racing career[L4] .

It was great hearing Ed’s positive recollection of his first racing season and how want2race provided him with all the tools to have such a positive year in motorsport and it is even better seeing him around the paddock now with his new team Century on the GTA grid with high hopes for the future.  


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